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StampaWhat BSc degree and background are better to enter the MSc in Nuclear Engineering?

In principle, you can enter the MSc in NuclEng from all the engineering BSc programmes offered by the POLIMI Schools.

Anyway some BSc programmes offer nuclear engineering courses, typically at the 3rd year:

– Ingegneria Energetica (Energy Engineering)
– Ingegneria Fisica (Physics Engineering)
– Ingegneria Matematica (Mathematical Engineering)
– Ingegneria dei Materiali e delle Nanotecnologie (Materials Engineering and Nanotechnology)
– Ingegneria Chimica (Chemical Engineering)
– Ingegneria Biomedica (Biomedical Engineering)

The students of those BSc will have direct access to the MSc in Nuclear Eng, by attending specific courses in the framework of their BSc Courses.
All the requirements to be fulfilled can be found inside the Education Rules.

Even if you are not a student of those BSc programmes, you can anyway include nuclear engineering-related courses in your personal BSc programme.


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