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Job Opportunities

nuclear engineer job bannerThe MSc graduate in Nuclear Engineering can operate in high-technology research centres and industry. The MSc graduate possesses the capability of designing and managing sophisticated systems and plants and of conducting complex experiments, by mastering problems requiring multi-disciplinarity. His/her specific competencies apply to nuclear power plants and to other applications of radiation.

Owing to the multidisciplinary training and their capability of facing complex problems, the MSc graduates in Nuclear Engineering can easily apply to positions offered:

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>> within the nuclear sector (industries operating in electro-nuclear power generation, nuclear plant dismantling, nuclear waste processing and disposal, design and construction of radiation sources for industrial and medical application, institutes and centers for nuclear fusion and high-energy physics)

nuclear engineer job10>> in other sectors operating in the field of high-technology, engineering companies, companies for industrial, medical and engineering consultancy, hospitals, companies for risk analysis and the environmental impact of high-risk plants,  regulation agencies, officers of the European Community, research centers and universities.

Employment opportunities in foreign companies are increasing, as it is demonstrated by a fairly large number of graduates from the POLIMI MSc in Nucl Eng presently working in different Countries belonging to the industrialized world.

The gained title is “laurea magistrale” (MSc degree), belonging to the class of Industrial Engineering. The MSc graduate can act in Italy as a professional after having passed the “Qualifying Examination for Professional Engineers” ( and having joined Section A of the List of the Engineer Order of the province of residence (

The POLIMI Career Service is the first and key access for several job opportunities, also for nuclear engineering graduates.

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