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Honours programme

Find here the key information about the High-Level Training Courses about the Honours Programme “Scientific Research in Industrial Engineering” for MSc Nuclear Engineering students.

Honours Programme 

Scientific Research in Industrial Engineering – Nuclear Science and Technology

The Honours Programme “Scientific Research in Industrial Engineering – Nuclear science and technology” falls within the strategy for high level training of the Politecnico di Milano. It is intended for students with high predisposition to studies and research and aims at improving the students’ skills in order to train engineers to be devoted to science and technological research. 

The programme is structured through the traditional Course of Nuclear Engineering and gives the opportunity of deepening some aspects of the student’s training from the point of view of both methodology and subjects, under the supervision of a reference professor assigned by the CS.

For this purpose the programme foresees additional training activities in several disciplines and within the Msc Thesis for a total of 20 additional credits, including those listed in the Honours table and others within a broad choice among LM courses, guided by the interest of the student and in accordance with the reference professor. 

The title of the programme will be officially reported in the students’ transcript together with the description of the conducted activities.

The maximum number of students who will be admitted to the Honours programme in the academic year 2019/20 is five.

The requirements to obtain the Honours Programme qualification in “Scientific Research in Industrial Engineering – Nuclear Science and Technology” are the maintenance of the weighted average of not less than 28/30 with no score lower than 24/30 and to obtain at least 55 ECTS at the end of the first a.y.

Table Honours

OrderSemesterTypeS.S.D.CodeCourse nameECTS
additional1      MING-IND/19052594Experimental nuclear reactor kinetics5
additional1 – 2 V098413MSc Thesis prolongation5