Short Courses

Every year, during summertime, several short courses in nuclear engineering are helded all across Europe and the World. They are a wonderful chanche to deepen your knowledge in fusion and fission engineering, plasma physics, instrumentation, lasers, and more. You will meet with other students from all over the world, and some of the best experts in every field. Several of our students took part to this initiatives, and here you can find some examples.


In the city of Culham, near Oxford, sits one of the most important research facility for nuclear fusion: JET.

The ELI project, founded by the EU, aims at reaching new fronteers adopting high-power lasers.


The Max Planck Institut is known to be one of the most advanced physics research centre in the world, and it helds a summer school in fusion technology.


In the beautiful city of Saint Petersburg, there is one of the most populated summer school in the energy field.