New Experimental Labs @Bovisa Campus

B18On March, 2015, brand new labs for nuclear engineering education & research have been inaugurated: 3000 m2 of new opportunities for the students.

By means of these brand new facilities, Politecnico di Milano is one of the few institutions in Europe that can boast modern and complete equipment for cutting-edge research in the field of Nuclear Engineering.

The laboratories allow developing fundamental research on nuclear issues at international level, as well as applied research in industrial, medical and environmental fields.

Multidisciplinary is the keyword: the laboratories allow operating in the areas of radiochemistry, radiation protection, dosimetry, safeguards, nuclear measurements, instrumentation and nuclear electronics.


The Radiochemistry and Radiation Chemistry Laboratory perform chemical-physical and radiometric characterizations on matrices of interest in nuclear, industrial, medical and environmental fields. The activities include the radiochemical and isotopic analyses of contaminated samples, the study of the effects of radiation on materials and the development of chemical dosimeters for medicine and industry.


The Laboratory of Contaminants Migration and Safeguards studies the processes of migration of toxic and radioactive contaminants in natural and artificial porous media. The available equipment reproduces the experimental processes at laboratory scale. In addition, Monte Carlo simulations of radiation fields are performed for Nuclear Safeguards purposes.


The Laboratory of Radiation Protection develops dosimetry in mixed fields of X-rays, gamma-rays and neutrons, by means of film dosimeters and thermoluminescence dosimeters. The Lab is capable of providing services to face every radiation protection issues, e.g. analysis in gamma spectrometry, liquid scintillation, smear tests, indoor radon measurements as well as consulting services.


In the laboratory of Nuclear Instrumentation and Measurements, methods and techniques for the measurement of ionizing radiation fields are developed, with applications to spectrometry and dosimetry of complex fields of neutrons, photons and charged particles.
The innovative detection and acquisition systems are devoted to radiation protection: e.g. neutron dosimeters and detectors to characterise thermal and fast neutron fields, micro- and nano-dosimetry devices for medical applications.


The Metrology Laboratory of ionizing radiation is accredited to perform certified calibrations of nuclear instruments. Research institutions, hospitals, national and local health bodies and environmental protection bodies, private companies refer to the laboratory for their calibrated instruments.

The Ionizing Radiation Bunker hosts the irradiation rooms.