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Olkiluoto (FIN), 2017

A visit in Finland has been carried out on March 9-11.

The students have visited FORTUM utility Headquarter (in Espoo) and their reactor simulator. Then the tour continued on the Olkiluoto site, where TVO utility is building the first european EPR, a new generation reactor (Areva technology).


in a frozen Helsinki…


…first, a meeting with FORTUM Utility, at Espoo

then, trip to Olkiluoto site:

and a visit to Onkalo, the first geologic repository for nuclear waste in the World:


…and final visit to the Olkiluoto Info Center: 

the model of the EPR (1600 MWe) under construction on the site

a full scale copy of one bolt of the Reactor Pressure Vessel Head, and a view of the wall thickness (reinforced concrete) of the Reactor Containment

and the copper+steel cask for spent fuel disposal into the final geologic repository in Onkalo