Welcome to Open Day 2020 for MSc Programmes!

Are you curious about knowing what are Nuclear Engineering students studying? what they usually explore, where they travel, from what type of company they will be recruited? If this is your case, see you at the OPEN DAY 2020 for MSC Programmes !

on June 9 and 10 !

Where:   via POLIMI web site (please register yourself HERE)

              Tuesday        9 June @ 17:30 on Teams    (for POLIMI students only)
              Wednesday 10 June @ 17:30 on Teams    (for all other students)

  • HERE the official POLIMI web site for the Open Day MSc 2020
  • HERE the web page for the MSc in NUCLEAR ENGINEERING

Hereunder other useful info on the NUCL. ENG. MSc programme.


MSc in Nuclear Engineering - List of Courses

"Manifesto degli Studi" 2020-21

MSc in Nuclear Engineering

Presentation for Open Day 2020


Document about MSc in NUCl. ENG. structure & contents



The MSc in Nuclear Engineering @POLIMI, described by professors... (in ITALIAN)

...and told by the Students (in ITALIAN)

The new labs (Nuclear Eng. + Chemical Eng.)

"Stand Up for Nuclear" - World initiative: event @Milan